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MTNA Competitions

November 17, 2012 at Brandeis University, Waltham


The MTNA State Competition deadline is usually in mid September and takes place in mid November at Brandeis University.  For more information on requirements and to register, please visit the national website. 



Current active membership dues for MTNA or a nonmember teacher fee must be paid prior to accessing the student competition application. 

In addition, all Massachusetts teachers must provide the Participating Teachers Fee and application found here - MTNA Teacher's Fee Form 2013

For further information, please contact State Competition Chair, Dorothy Travis at 

MTNA State Performance Competition Results

The MTNA State Performance Competition was held on November 17th at Brandeis University.
The winners and State Representatives of the piano and string competitions competed at the Eastern 
Division level, which was held at Howard Community College in Columbia, MD on January
4-5, 2013.

Young Artist Piano Competition

Simon Xu-State Representative
Student of Helena Vesterman

Senior Piano Competition

Yong Murray-State Winner                Eastern Division Winner!
Student of Ya-Fei Chuang

Kevin Sherman-State Alternate
Student of Valerie Henkin

Luke Halberstadt-Honorable Mention
Student of Janet Ainsworth

Junior Piano Competition

Amir Siraj- State Winner
Student of Helena Vesterman

Anna Larsen-State Alternate
Student of Tema Blackstone

Victor Li-Honorable Mention
Student of Helena Vesterman

Avik Sarkar-Honorable Mention
Student of Niva Fried

Wynne Yao-Honorable Mention
Student of Luba Pyatkovskaya

Michelle Chen-Honorable Mention
Student of Nilly Shilo

Junior String Competition

Ilana Zaks-State Winner               Eastern Division Winner!
Student of Anna Korsunsky

Deborah Han-Alternate
Student of Kevin Christensen

Ellen Burstein-Honorable Mention
Student of Kevin Christensen


Chamber Music Wind Competition            Eastern Division Alternate!

The following students belong to the University of Massachusetts Saxophone Quartet and
are students of Lynn Klock. They are the State Representatives in this division and are
the alternates for the Eastern Division.

Benjamin Porter    Alto Saxaphone
Erik Anundson      Soprano Saxophone
Zach Robarge       Baritone saxophone
Tyler Appel           Tenor Saxophone


MTNA State Composition Competition Results


The Massachusetts State Composition Competition was held in the fall. Three judges are given the task of choosing the compositions they feel are the best to represent Massachusetts at the Division Competition in November.  The judges for the State Competition were Elesenda Fabregas, David Froom and Bonnie Anderson. Winners and honorable mention were chosen in each of four categories of Elementary, Junior, Senior and Young Artist. The winners and their teachers are listed below. Below the Massachusetts results are the Eastern Division results. Three of the winners of the Eastern Division Competition are from Massachusetts!


Congratulations to the students and their teachers. May they enjoy continued success. 


The Composition Competition was conducted electronically through a judges portal this year for the first time. Students submitted their scores electronically and the judges made their comments electronically. Linda Stump, MTNA Director of Competitions, and Chris Goldston, the National Composition Coordinator, made this new system accessible and efficient. Registration for the competition is in early September. Mark your calendars now. Please contact me, the Massachusetts Composition Competition Chair, Leslie Hitelman- lhitelman@yahoo.com, with any questions.


Massachusetts Results


Winner: Christina Xiao, Student of Alla Cohen
Honorable mention: Caroline Bragg, Student of Alla Cohen

Winner: Anna Larsen, Student of Tema Blackstone
Honorable mention: Stella Gitelman Willoughby, Student of Alla Cohen
Honorable mention: Jennifer Murphy, Student of Ayako Hattori
Honorable mention: Avik Sarkar, Student of John Lister

Winner: Jaehyuck Choi, Student of Whitman Brown
Honorable mention: Eric Kim, Student of Alla Cohen

Young Artist:
Winner: Danielle Rabinowitz, Student of Alla Cohen
Honorable mention: Benjamin Nuzzo, Student of Chaya Czernowin

This year, the Massachusetts judges were:
Dr. Bonnie Anderson
Elisenda Fabregas
David Froom


Eastern Division Results


Winner: Laura Stanell, Student of Keren Ligowski, PA
Honorable mention: Aadhitya Ashok, Student of Felicia Ruffman, NJ
Honorable mention: Christina Xiao, Student of Alla Cohen, MA

Winner: Anna Larsen, Student of Tema Blackstone, MA
Honorable mention: Calvin Lu, Student of Felicia Ruffman, NJ

Winner: Jaehyuck Choi, Student of Whitman Brown, MA
Honorable mention: Alexandra Bartol, Student of Valerica Maican, MD
Honorable mention: Ryan Shaffer, Student of Warren Magid, PA

Young Artist:
Representative: Danielle Rabinowitz, Student of Alla Cohen, MA

This year, the Eastern judges were:
Charles Mason
John-Paul Meyer
David Smooke


Senior Piano State winner Yong Murray and Alternate Kevin Sherman

Junior Piano Winner

Junior String Winner & Alternate

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