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Event Results

Bay State Contest, Strings Division

Date: May 27, 2017
Location: Boston University College of Fine Arts

Strings 1A (15 years - 18 years)

Contestant #4: Christina Gong  — 2nd Place
(Teacher: Fudeko Cohler)
J. S. Bach
  Solo Partita No. 2, D Minor S. 1004 III Sarabanda Baroque
  Concerto No. 4 , D minor I Andante Romantic
Contestant #2: Jeremy Klein  — 3rd Place
(Teacher: Mark Lakirovich)
J.S. Bach
  Suite No. 3, C Major Prelude Baroque
K. Penderecki
  Cadenza fro viola solo, XX Century
Contestant #1: Maria Tu  — Honorable Mention
(Teacher: Anna Anderson)
Dmitri Kabalevsky
  Violin Concerto in C major, Op.48 1 20c
Felix Mendelssohn
  Concerto in E Minor, Op.64 2 Romantic
Contestant #3: An-Chi Huang  — Honorable Mention
(Teacher: Anna Anderson)
Felix Mendelssohn
  Violin Concerto in E minor, Op. 64 1 Romantic
Joseph Haydn
  Concerto in C major, #1 1 Classical

Strings 2A (12 years - 14 years)

Contestant #1: Brian Lee  — 1st Place
(Teacher: Eugene Kim)
J.S. Bach
  Cello Suite No. 3, C major I: Prelude Baroque
J.C. Bach-Casadesus
  Cello Concerto in c minor, c minor III: Allegro molto energico classical
Contestant #2: Rachel Man  — 2nd Place
(Teacher: Peter Zazofsky)
Eugene Ysaye
  Sonata No 3 in D minor, Opus 27 Ballade period
Contestant #5: Frank Wang  — 2nd Place
(Teacher: David Rubinstein)
Max Bruch
  Violin Concerto in g minor, op. 26 III Allegro energico Romantic
Johann Sabastian Bach
  Partita no. 3 in E Major, BWV. 1006 I. Preludio Baroque
Contestant #3: Sofia Velinzon  — 3rd Place
(Teacher: Anait Arutunian)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  Violin Concerto #3, in G-major first movement classical
Geoge Telemann
  Fantasia for solo violin, B-flat major Largo Baroque
Contestant #9: Zoey Long  — 3rd Place
(Teacher: Vera Rubin)
Johann Sebastian Bach
  Cello suite No 1 , BWV 1007 II.Allemande Baroque
Bartolomeo Compagnoli
  Caprice No 8, Op.22 No 8 Classical
Hans Sitt
  Album Leaves, Op. 39 VI Allegro molto vivace Romantic
Contestant #4: Kaitlyn Kaminuma  — Honorable Mention
(Teacher: Fudeko Cohler)
J. S. Bach
  Solo Sonata No.3 in C Major, S. 1005 III Largo Baroque
Felix Mendelssohn
  Concerto in E Minor, Op.64 I. Allegro, molto appassionato Romantic Period
Contestant #6: Justin Wang  — Honorable Mention
(Teacher: Anna Anderson)
Max Bruch
  Violin Concerto in G Major, Op. 26 3 Romantic
W. A. Mozart
  Concerto #4 in D major, K.218 1 Classical
Contestant #7: Olivia Ma  — Honorable Mention
(Teacher: Vera Rubin)
Dmitri Kabalevsky
  Violin Conerto, Op. 48 III. Vivace giocoso 20 century
Charles de Beriot
  Violin Concerto No9, Op. No 104 I. Allegro maestoso Romantic

Strings 3A (9 years - 11 years)

Contestant #6: Justin Yamaguchi  — 1st Place
(Teacher: Vera Rubin)
Max Bruch
  Violin concerto No1, Op.26 I.Allegro moderato Romantic
Aram Khachaturian
  Grand Adagio from Ballet Spartacus, A minor 20 Century
Contestant #2: Audrey Sun  — 2nd Place
(Teacher: Magdalena Richter)
Fritz Kreisler
  Praeludium and Allegro, n/a n/a Romantic
Ludwig van Beethoven
  Romance , F Major Opus 50 n/a Classical
Contestant #7: Jacob Lewis  — 2nd Place
(Teacher: Angelo Xiang Yu)
François Schubert
  The Bee (L'Abeille), E Minor Romantic
Fritz Kreisler
  Sicilienne and Rigaudon in the Style of Francoeur , B Minor Neoclassical
Contestant #5: Emily Cheng  — 3rd Place
(Teacher: Vera Rubin)
Fritz Kreisler
  Praeludio&Allegro in the style of Pugnani, G minor Romantic
Antonio Vivaldi
  The Four Seasons Spring , OP.8, No 1 I.Allegro Baroque
Contestant #1: Aika Oki  — Honorable Mention
(Teacher: Fudeko Cohler)
H. Viextemps
  Ballade et Polonaise, Op. 38 I Modarato II Allegro Romantic
  Concerto No. 3 in G Major, K. 216 I Allegro Classical

Strings 4A (6 years - 8 years)

Contestant #1: Kristina Ryabovol  — 1st Place
(Teacher: Anait Arutunian)
George Handel
  Sonata #6 in E-major, E-major 2.Allegro Baroque
Joseph Raff
  Cavatina, Romantic
Contestant #2: Felix Wang  — 1st Place
(Teacher: Fudeko Cohler)
  Concerto in a minor, Op.2 No.6 II. Largo Baroque
  Air Varie no. 5, G Major romantic

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