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MTNA State Competition Results 2012

The MTNA State Performance Competition was held on November 17th at Brandeis University.  The winners and State Representatives of the Piano and String and Wind competitions competed at the Eastern Division level, which was held at Howard Community College in Columbia, MD on January 4-5, 2013.


Young Artist Piano Competition

            Simon Xu-State Representative                    

            Student of Helena Vesterman


Senior Piano Competition

            Yong Murray-State Winner               Eastern Division Winner!    

            Student of Ya-Fei Chuang


            Kevin Sherman-State Alternate                   

            Student of Valerie Henkin


            Luke Halberstadt-Honorable Mention

            Student of Janet Ainsworth


Junior Piano Competition

            Amir Siraj- State Winner                              

            Student of Helena Vesterman


            Anna Larsen-State Alternate

            Student of Tema Blackstone


            Victor Li-Honorable Mention

            Student of Helena Vesterman


            Avik Sarkar-Honorable Mention

            Student of Niva Fried


            Wynne Yao-Honorable Mention

            Student of Luba Pyatkovskaya


            Michelle Chen-Honorable Mention

            Student of Nilly Shilo


Junior String Competition

            Ilan Zaks-State Winner                       Eastern Division winner!    

            Student of Anna Korsunsky


            Deborah Han-Alternate

            Student of Kevin Christensen


            Ellen Burstein-Honorable Mention

            Student of Kevin Christensen


Chamber Music Wind Competition               Eastern Division Alternate!


The following students belong to the University of Massachusetts Saxophone Quartet and are students of Lynn Klock.  They are the State Representatives in this division and are the alternates for the Eastern Division.

            Benjamin Porter            Alto Saxaphone

            Erik Anundson              Soprano Saxophone

            Zach Robarge                Baritone saxophone

            Tyler Appel                    Tenor Saxophone

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