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MTNA State Composition Competition

MTNA Composition Competitions


The purpose of the Music Teachers National Association composition competition is to encourage creativity and self-expression in student musicians through the art of composing and to recognize their achievements, as well as the significant work of their teachers.
Please go to https://www.mtna.org/MTNA/engage/competitions/Composition_Guidelines.aspx at the following link for complete instructions and to enter.
Application is currently closed for 2020.

Information for Teachers

  • Current active membership dues for MTNA or a nonmember teacher fee must be paid prior to accessing the student competition application. 
  • In addition, all Massachusetts teachers must provide the Participating Teachers Fee and application found here - Teacher's Fee 2020

Please send in your MMTA Teacher's Fee by September 30, 2020. A student's application is NOT considered complete until the teacher's fee is received.


Massachusetts Results 2020

Music Teachers National Association is pleased to announce the results of the composition competition for Massachusetts.

Winner: Miles Chang, Student of Yuki Shibata
Honorable mention: Caleb Liu, Student of David Ibbett
Honorable mention: Sabina Sandrasagra, Student of David Ibbett
Honorable mention: Eric Song, Student of David Ibbett

Winner: Evan Lam, Student of David Ibbett
Honorable mention: Tyler Cummins, Student of Alexandra Kirby
Honorable mention: Ava Mascarenhas, Student of David Ibbett
Honorable mention: Charlie Molten, Student of David Ibbett
Honorable mention: Jagan Mranal, Student of Renee Bordner
Honorable mention: Justin Yamaguchi, Student of Matthew Hagle

Winner: Xinghan Wang, Student of Sarah Takagi
Honorable mention: Yutian Fan, Student of Ellyses Kuan
Honorable mention: Leander Frank, Student of Nina Grimaldi
Honorable mention: Jonathan Garrity, Student of David Ibbett
Honorable mention: Heidi Siegler, Student of Yuki Shibata

Young Artist:
Winner: Luis McDougal, Student of Alla Cohen
Honorable mention: Arjan Dogra, Student of Alla Cohen

This year, the Massachusetts judges were:
Dr. Renée C. Baker
Jasmine Barnes
Beth Denisch

Winning and representative compositions automatically advance to the division competition. The results of that competition will be announced in the middle of December.
Congratulations to all the participants and their teachers!

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