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MTNA State Competition for Monitors

Guidelines & Assignments for Monitors

Inside Judges’ Monitor/Timekeeper

The person serving in this capacity must not be a teacher of a student(s) entered in the competition category.

  • Meet with the Competition Coordinator and the judge(s) for the orientation session.
  • Open competition if Competition Coordinator cannot do so.
  • Remain with the judge(s) throughout the competition. This includes travel time to and from the orientation room or when on breaks. The monitor provides a valuable service in not permitting entrants, teachers or parents to visit with the judges before or during the competition. At the conclusion of the competition, return with the judge(s) to the designated room for balloting. Remain with the judge(s) until the Competition Coordinator arrives. Do not remain in the room during the balloting process.
  • Sit near the judge(s) and use a stopwatch provided by the Competition Chair for timing the competition. During the orientation session determine the signal to be used in notifying the judge(s) of the remaining time. For all competitions, record only the total performance time, not the time for tuning or the time between individual movements/ works. Keep a running total of the performance time, stopping the stopwatch between movements/works and restarting when performance resumes.
  • Announce each entrant by saying “Entrant number____.”
  • At the conclusion of each entrant’s performance, return the music to the door monitor or to the entrant.
  • You are responsible for keeping the competition on schedule. Each entrant must receive the total allotted performance time according to the competition guidelines. An entrant should not be expected to perform ahead of his or her scheduled performance time.

Outside Door Monitor

  • See that the competition room is in order and open the door for the audience fifteen (15) minutes before the competition begins.
  • Collect music from entrant and ask student to wait for music after their performance.
  • Deliver music to inside monitor.
  • Allow the audience to enter or leave only between entrants.
  • Collect music from inside monitor and return to students.



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